Next month I will undergo total hip replacement surgery to replace a joint that's worn out from wear and tear. I wish I had some glamorous story about what I was doing when the damage was caused, but I don't. Just heredity and my own unique DNA.

As I traveled the path toward this decision, I explored both western and eastern medicine and discovered that just like our brains, our bodies, souls and minds need an integrated approach to problem solving and healing.

A hip does not work in isolation. Left unchecked, it will involve other parts of the body. You don't need to have an accident to damage a hip, you could just be built in a way that contributes to the problem.

What I believe to be true is there are no "incidental findings" when it comes to your well being and this carries over into all aspects of the complex life we live and the business world as well. Through my experience as a Neuroleader and Certified i4 Practitioner with the About my Brain Institute, here are my essential "eureka moments":

  • If team performance is suffering, you can't solve it by just taking a class. You need an integrated solution that takes things like balance, ethics and mental readiness into account.
  • It's not as simple as just telling people to collaborate better - you need to inspire them to do so. Communication, generosity and courage are the keys.
  • I hate to tell you, but there's not a magic pill that makes people more innovative. It comes from imagination, drive, curiosity and attitude.
  • If I accumulated wisdom every time I was asked to deliver a change management workshop, I'd be in a constant state of zen. However, I've realized that to achieve that state we need to tap into our intuition, awareness, influence and adaptability to optimize our agility.

Do you want to treat the presenting symptom or would it serve you well to dig into the deeper issue and have broader impact? I find the deeper issue to be much more intriguing and broader impact to be profoundly satisfying. Oh, and by the way, I plan on embracing 2017 with a bionic hip and renewed curiosity!

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