Everyone has days where they feel stressed and short-tempered. You want to watch yourself and make sure that these are sporadic, and far and few in between.

Do you find working with pessimistic people who regularly complain to be inspiring? Probably not. This kind of negative attitude is infectious, and can really tank the morale in an office. Fortunately, laughter and enthusiasm are ever more contagious, and creating good vibes in a once toxic atmosphere is possible.

Laughter Is Part Of All Of Us

We all laugh. Laughter is perceived differently depending on the culture, but we laugh to express emotions. Sometimes we laugh at ourselves, at times we laugh at others, or we try to make other people laugh. Even very young children laugh when they play. It’s important to remember to laugh and to not let the everyday worries and tasks hang like a cloud over you.

Scientists have examined the link between laughter and health. A cross-cultural study found that laughter was associated with increased emotional well-being in Canada and increased life satisfaction in India.

The pathway for laughter in the brain has finally been deciphered, which allows scientists to better under the physiological implications of laughter. Personality traits, cultural norms, and other factors can influence the amount of laughter a person typically experiences each day, but the researchers found that moderate levels of laughter were beneficial to health (Hasan, 2009).

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from
 the human face.

Victor Hugo

You may feel skeptical and protest that sometimes, things are gloomy at work. Too busy, not busy enough, problems with employees, with technology. The thing is, everyone at work likely realises the problems, too. And continually focusing on the problem instead of a solution will make for a dark, uncomfortable, and stifling work environment.

Instead of emphasising on the negative, find something to be cheery about. Even if you have to start small, find something that is worth a smile. Let that smile spread to others. Then, find something that is worth a laugh. People want to collaborate with leaders who are inspiring and uplifting. They don’t want to work for a ‘Negative Nancy’ or ‘Gloomy Gus.'

The Change Can Start With You

The i4 Neuroleader Model l can help you explore the importance of humour and good vibes at work. When you are inspired and full of energy and fresh ideas, others will become inspired. Collaborative efforts will be welcomed and more fruitful. Remember, this is the Imagination Age. Collaboration across cultures and boundaries is expected and should be embraced.

Starting small is OK. Take a look at how you behave at work. Are you inspiration for creativity and innovation, or are your employees looking for other opportunities? You can certainly make a change. The effects won’t be limited to work. Find out how your professional and personal lives can be enriched with laughter.

Hasan, H., & Hasan, T. F. (2009). Laugh Yourself into a Healthier Person: A Cross Cultural Analysis of the Effects of Varying Levels of Laughter on Health. International Journal of Medical Sciences, 6(4), 200–211.

Originally posted on: 9 January 2018
Last updated on: 12 April 2024

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