Billions of people around the world study yoga. Yoga has positive effects on stress, the body, and a person’s mental state. It’s time for skeptics to take a look at the real science and consider the benefits of yoga in their lives.

Science Supports Practising Yoga

Many scientific studies have focused on the various benefits of yoga. Neuroscience has examined the link between yoga and the brain. A recent study looked at practitioners of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY), and the scientists found that SKY did lead to a decrease in mental stress and an increase in cognitive performance (Chandra, 2017).

Maybe you already practise yoga, and if so, hurray! You can likely attest to the positive changes in your life. If you have never tried yoga, and never wanted to, you should consider what you are missing out on. No medication and chemicals are needed. You can fine-tune your mind to become a more relaxed person. Imagine how much better things can be in your personal and professional lives.

Leadership Is Stressful Enough As It Is

Being the boss is tough, whether you run a large company, a small company, or a household. It takes a lot of mental energy to balance everything, and unfortunately, your mind and body suffer because you end up neglecting yourself.

Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.

Eckhart Tolle

Yoga does not take a lot of time. It doesn’t even take a lot of effort. There are tons of Internet resources available, and finding a group is as easy as searching on Google. You don’t even have to work in a group, there are books and podcasts and videos that can get you started—all by yourself.

Take The Next Step And Up Your Leadership Game

How often do you find yourself speaking out of frustration? How often do you snip at your loved ones after a rough day? You can improve your mental abilities, and your patience, with a little bit of effort. Take a hard look at your leadership skill box and decide if maybe you are missing a few things.

The i4 Neuroleader Model can help you strengthen your pre-frontal cortex and improve memory and attention levels. Understanding how your brain works is key to ensuring that your brain is working correctly. So, maybe it’s time for you to set aside any prejudices and put your phone up for once. Focus on you, and everyone else in your life will also get the benefits.

Chandra, S., Jaiswal, A. K., Singh, R., Jha, D., & Mittal, A. P. (2017). Mental Stress: Neurophysiology and Its Regulation by Sudarshan Kriya Yoga. International Journal of Yoga, 10(2), 67–72.

Originally posted on: 16 January 2018
Last updated on: 25 February 2024
Silvia Damiano

Silvia Damiano

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Scientist, educator, author, speaker, coach, award-winning leadership specialist, filmmaker and creator of the i4 Neuroleader Model & Methodology.

Silvia's scientific background and curiosity about the human brain led her to a decade long journey of research into optimal brain functioning and the application of neuroscience in leadership and daily life. Her past and current roles have uniquely prepared her for the current undertaking, that of leadership activist & change agent.

Silvia Damiano founded The About my Brain Institute in 2009, with the purpose of democratising leadership & neuroscience. She has a passionately held belief, that leaders in our 21st century global economy and their organisations must radically change long-held ideas of what constitutes effective leadership

In her ground-breaking books ‘Leadership is Upside Down’, ‘Brain-Friendly Leadership’ and the 2018 documentary ‘Make Me A Leader’, Silvia provides both compelling evidence and explores the importance of leadership in our personal and professional lives and what it takes to develop the human behind the leader.

Silvia has worked in different countries, across many industries, helping teams and organisations improve business performance. Silvia’s clients have described her as a passionate, dynamic, a highly experienced speaker and master facilitator on the topics of Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Change, Neuroleadership & Engagement.

Silvia is passionate about leaving a legacy of well-rounded leaders who can act and decide in a way that better serves humanity. Her clients include Microsoft, Australian Stock Exchange, NSW Government, VISA, Fuji Xerox and Manpower amongst many other global companies.

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