Sometimes It’s Hard To Look In The Mirror

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6 July 2017

When you get ready each morning, do you think about the upcoming day? Do you mull over the meetings you have, and paperwork yet to complete? Are you paying attention to yourself? Sure, you may look in the mirror to put on your makeup or to shave, but how often do you stop to look in the mirror and reflect on how you are doing as a leader?

The Science Of Self-Awareness

Science progresses in leaps and bounds, often leaving us running to catch up and understand new discoveries. Science is steadily unlocking the secrets of how our brains work, and our understand of the ‘default mode network’ (DMN).

This DMN works when we let our minds wander. It is activated when we aren’t trying to complete some task or focus on something that needs to be completed.

Studies have linked DMN function to self-referential thoughts and daydreaming. It has also been associated with positive emotions and being open to new ideas.

Academics have argued for years that individuals and organisations are inspired to action with the creation of a vision. Developing a vision should be based on your ideal self, the ‘you’ that has a clear image of the future (Boyatzis, 2015).

How To Develop Your Vision

Attending self-awareness programs can help you realise your true potential by helping you understand how your brain works when it makes decisions. You will learn about the time needed for your brain to engage in daydreaming, and how this can fine-tune your leadership skills.

Figuring out your ideal self, including your ethical values, will increase your resilience, impact, and legacy. What do you want to be remembered for when you move on to another job, or when you retire?

How the i4 Neuroleader Model Works to Develop your Self Awareness

The first step is to take the i4 Neuroleader 360˚ Feedback Assessment online. It collects insights from people all around you—professionally and personally. You will see how your behaviours are viewed and perceived by others.

I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.

Billie Jean King

Remember, leadership starts with awareness which in turn helps you develop better ethics. Ethics is critical to perform effectively as a leader and to discover who you are and what you stand for.

Don’t be afraid to look into the mirror and really think about who you are. Your life will be improved in all aspects when you understand what drives you to do better and be a better person. Whether you are a CEO, a manager at a retail store, or an aspiring tennis champion, self-awareness can help you achieve your goals.

Boyatzis, R. E., Rochford, K., & Taylor, S. N. (2015). The role of the positive emotional attractor in vision and shared vision: toward effective leadership, relationships, and engagement. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 670.

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