The Age Of Affect: Learning To Speak The Language Of Our Human Essence

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31 March 2016

When Matt Jackson joined me in co-authoring “The Poetry of Leadership” book last year, my ‘scientific mind’ questioned itself very rapidly. Why would a well-articulated and experienced poet such as Matt, want to be involved with someone who has never written any poetry? Would I be able to deliver?  Would I be able to live up to his eloquence and exquisite choice of words?

In the process of putting together the poems for our book, I realised that writing (poetry in this case) is merely an expression of our inner world and that this is a useful process for our hearts and minds to experience. 

What I enjoyed the most about this process was working with Matt. He did not judge neither attempt to correct my writings, despite my innumerable requests so I would ‘get it right'.

I liked Matt’s approach because it made my mind free to experiment and to bring out the best of my inner world. I was able to be authentic and put myself in the position of simply observing what emerged as I placed each word on the page.

My confidence grew significantly making me reflect on how quickly we can kill each others’ creativity, especially in the workplace. We often tend to become the critics or the assessors rather than the nurturers of what emerges in other people’s brains.

This year, Matt launched his new book called “The Age of Affect”. As part of how Matt likes to work, he invited many others to contribute with a piece of reflective writing inspired by one of his poems.

I could not resist his invitation to be involved as I now firmly believe that in a world where there is more depression, stress and anxiety than ever before, writing, creating or undertaking an activity that we enjoy, is the best way to combat these ailments. These types of activities can certainly help improve and develop collaboration and innovation in the business world.

Matt’s instinct and exceptional drive towards making creativity an indispensable part of how we operate in life and in business was so appealing that I had no hesitation when he asked me to participate in the creation of “The Age of Affect”. The stories in this book will speak to your mind and gently make their way into your heart.

In my view, using the method of poetry helps express what is stored in our souls and emotional worlds which in turn soothes our brains. If you want to experience a happier brain, make the time for solitude to explore the deeper side of yourself and also encourage those around you to do the same. 

Perhaps starting a poetry club at work can be your first step!

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