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18 August 2010

Last Friday, I attended the 'How to Apply' Symposium at Billy Blue College of Design. The purpose of this Symposium was to bring together design educators, industry, and business to share, exchange, and challenge ideas relating to contemporary design practice, across all design disciplines and the education of young designers. 

The event was a mix of panel discussions and presentations, all of them really fascinating. As Jess Scully, the last speaker of the day described it:

A great initiative from Billy Blue, an annual opportunity to discuss the future of design, what we should be teaching tomorrow’s designers and how we can bring Art to business and business to Art…

The day finished with the launch of the 2010 volume of BBetween, a designed magazine produced by the College under the coordination of Leanne Rule. 

The full version of the book will be available to purchase at Borders, independent stores, news agencies, and gallery bookstores. This magazine is the huge collaborative effort of many writers and collectors. I was invited to contribute with an article called “Think Design – With the Brain in Mind.

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