Unlock Your Leadership Potential: i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology Certification in Bali

Silvia Damiano
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As we navigate an era of unprecedented change, the demand for visionary leaders and innovative thinkers has never been more critical. In response to this need, we are thrilled to announce an opportunity that will transform how you lead, build relationships, create and innovate in your life. If you are a coach, consultant, business leader or individual ready to expand your potential, join us for the i4 Neuroleader™️ Methodology Certification, nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of Ubud, Bali, from November 4th to 8th, 2024. 

Drawing upon the latest discoveries in neuroscience, biology, and quantum physics, the i4 Neuroleader™️ Methodology equips you with the skills to cultivate the four critical dimensions of leadership: Integration, Inspiration, Imagination and Intuition, critical abilities that we all need to lead more effectively.

Our program blends theoretical learning with practical application, engaging participants in activities designed to stimulate and develop these essential abilities. Supported by a rich array of resources, including the i4 Neuroleader™️ Playbook, you’ll receive detailed guidance and actionable steps crucial to the program’s philosophy. Learn more here!

Beyond Traditional Change Management

Transcending traditional change management models, this innovative certification marries cutting-edge scientific research with the timeless qualities essential for our souls’ flourishing, marking a significant advancement in the realm of science-based leadership and innovation.

By employing the latest findings from neurobiology, this program does not just prepare you to adapt, lead, and innovate in today’s dynamic environment; it offers a holistic transformational journey where science meets spirituality.

Designed to awaken your mind, body, and spirit, participants conclude this experience with a Certificate of Completion and 40 hours of Continuing Coaching Education points.

Embrace Your Creative Self

I am excited to share this upcoming certification with my business partner and Creative Director, Relmi Damiano. She will co-facilitate on the topics of biohacking, imagination, creative thinking, and ideation methods. Relmi recently presented at TEDx Burleigh Heads on ‘Biohacking Your Creative Self’; her talk will be available soon on the TEDx YouTube Channel. Stay tuned via our newsletter or socials.

Relmi Damiano TEDx Burleigh Heads

Visit Our New Shop

Finally, we are also ecstatic to announce our newly launched shop! We invite you to explore our collection of resources to amplify your learning experience. Beyond this, discover an exclusive range of lifestyle products we’ve thoughtfully created to inspire and accompany you on your path to unlocking your full potential.


Your 5 days in Bali will equip you with the powers of intuition, imagination, inspiration, and integration, setting the stage for you to lead with unparalleled insight and innovation.

Come and be a part of this experience with us! Unlock the full spectrum of your potential in an environment that is as nurturing as it is enlightening. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today and embark on a journey that promises to redefine what it means to lead and innovate in the 21st century, the era of imagination.




Originally posted on: 1 March 2024
Last updated on: 12 April 2024
Silvia Damiano

Silvia Damiano

Founder & CEO
About my Brain Institute

Scientist, educator, author, speaker, coach, award-winning leadership specialist, filmmaker and creator of the i4 Neuroleader Model & Methodology.

Silvia's scientific background and curiosity about the human brain led her to a decade long journey of research into optimal brain functioning and the application of neuroscience in leadership and daily life. Her past and current roles have uniquely prepared her for the current undertaking, that of leadership activist & change agent.

Silvia Damiano founded The About my Brain Institute in 2009, with the purpose of democratising leadership & neuroscience. She has a passionately held belief, that leaders in our 21st century global economy and their organisations must radically change long-held ideas of what constitutes effective leadership

In her ground-breaking books ‘Leadership is Upside Down’, ‘Brain-Friendly Leadership’ and the 2018 documentary ‘Make Me A Leader’, Silvia provides both compelling evidence and explores the importance of leadership in our personal and professional lives and what it takes to develop the human behind the leader.

Silvia has worked in different countries, across many industries, helping teams and organisations improve business performance. Silvia’s clients have described her as a passionate, dynamic, a highly experienced speaker and master facilitator on the topics of Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Change, Neuroleadership & Engagement.

Silvia is passionate about leaving a legacy of well-rounded leaders who can act and decide in a way that better serves humanity. Her clients include Microsoft, Australian Stock Exchange, NSW Government, VISA, Fuji Xerox and Manpower amongst many other global companies.

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