A Holistic And Creative Leadership Model For A VUCA World

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17 April 2018

It’s inevitable that most people experience some kind of burnout from working. But a leadership model that provides science-based learning in an easy to understand format can help people recover from such exhaustion. The i4 Neuroleader Model delivers an authentic, relevant skill set for leaders in this modern creative and collaborative world.

My name is Johan and I am located in Wellington, NZ. I learnt about the i4 Neuroleader™ Model through my business partner, who just happened to sit at a conference next to a person who had previously become certified in this methodology.

As a result, we visited the About My Brain Institute website, and shortly after I decided to complete the i4 Neuroleader™ Certification.

Discovering The I4 Neuroleader™ Model In The Face Of Fatigue

I was attracted to the i4 Neuroleader™ Model as I had become very aware that some of our clients were increasingly displaying behaviours that were difficult for them to step away from. They were burning out from too many hours on the job, addictions, technology, short fuses, extreme fatigue, etc. Despite their best intentions and an impressive intellectual understanding of the need to change behaviours, a number of these clients regressed. Their work environment just wore them down.

It puts up front the well-presented knowledge about the body as a system and all that this means. The importance of diet and exercise and understanding the power of mindfulness are emphasized: “Wherever you go, there you are.”

An i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment commences from a very constructive position. However, it does not let a client ‘off-the-hook’. The 360 part of the Assessment enables input from a much broader group of raters, and it is a real point of difference in this tool. The comprehensive quality of the feedback means that it is improbable that a client will go unidentified and unaddressed once they start working with the model.

Tools That Change The Way You Use Your Brain And How You Behave

The model’s excellent ‘Leadership Is Upside Down’ book & workbook demonstrates and supports the learning that we can change the way we use our minds, and that in turn will impact the way we behave.

I like the personal accountability for change that the model requires and that the tool democratises leadership. Evolution does not have to start at the top, but the pressure to change can come from anyone anywhere in the business. I appreciate more than ever that leadership is the number one risk for companies.

I am proud to be associated with the academic excellence of the i4 Neuroleader™ Model & Methodology. It is fantastic to know that the reservoir of knowledge is being topped up regularly and that I will be able to trust the team to continue to provide ongoing professional development through shared resources, conferences and through social media. I look forward to the future and the opportunity to develop a close working relationship with the About my Brain Institute. 

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