My Perspective on the ‘Neurobiology of Coaching’ Program

Kimberly Allain
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I am currently enrolled in the “Neurobiology of Coaching” program at the About my Brain Institute, and I've just completed an eye-opening first week guided by Katherine McLennan.

About my Brain Whitepaper Neurobiology of Coaching Katharine McLennan

Katherine's phrase, “We are not in Kansas anymore,” eloquently encapsulates the rapid evolution in our professional landscape. It underscores the importance of departing from familiar terrains, urging us to recalibrate our views to flourish in this new era.

Historically, the role of work in society has always been fluid, yet we're witnessing change at an unparalleled rate. The escalating rates of depression and anxiety in the workforce underscore the impact of these changes, illuminating issues like 'quiet quitting' and the 'great resignation'. A pervasive sentiment of dissatisfaction seems rooted in outdated work models that prioritize hours over genuine productivity and fulfilment.

Today's work is not merely a means to earn; it's about mental wellness and purpose. This insight compels us to reimagine our work ethos, emphasizing real contributions over merely clocking in hours. The challenge goes beyond task management – it's about crafting work experiences that truly resonate with value and creativity.

A standout change in our professional landscape is the ascent of artificial intelligence, with innovations like ChatGPT leading the charge. Rather than merely another tool, AI represents a fundamental transformation. It's set to stay and proliferate, reshaping job norms and necessitating adaptability. The crux lies in leveraging AI to amplify human capabilities, not merely viewing it as competition. While many are enthralled by AI's potential, the apprehension is palpable. We must unpack AI's true nature, valuing its unique attributes and simultaneously cherishing the unparalleled nuances humans offer.

Another critical insight was the evolving nature of coaching skills. As Katherine highlighted, while current skills are essential, they're no longer adequate. Coaches now face a world that requires more. The multifaceted challenges confronting individuals and organizations today necessitate an updated skill set, borrowing from fields like consulting and psychology. We need an arsenal of new skills and tools to effectively guide leaders in this era. This means harnessing creativity, redefining work, understanding interpersonal work dynamics, and genuinely grasping the essence of an individual, particularly in leadership roles.

It's evident that as coaches, our current skills are being stretched to their limits. What made this week's training invaluable was its revelations about our current standing and the skills gap we need to bridge.

Another highlight was Silvia Damiano’s exploration into the concept of being 'brain-friendly'. She emphasized the synergy between our internal and external worlds, the roles of the mind, heart, and gut, and the consequences of coherence versus incoherence.

quote silvia damiano My Perspective on the Diploma of Neurobiology of Coaching-About my Brain Institute

The intriguing idea of ‘biohacking’ was introduced, underscoring our potential to influence our biological state. This perspective can radically alter our views on health, well-being, and personal empowerment. The insights into a coherent versus incoherent brain state, spanning feelings of trust to procrastination, showcased the realms of possibilities within our grasp.

Week one has been both invigorating and thought-provoking for me. As lines between our personal and professional lives become increasingly indistinct, concepts like neuroplasticity, flow state, and biohacking assume a revolutionary significance.

For me, this program emphasizes the holistic approach to life, advocating the synchronization of our internal and external realms for peak well-being. Such alignment propels us to be innovative, empathetic, receptive, and curious. It unlocks vast potential and facilitates collaboration in our collective spaces. Truly, this program is transformative!

Welcoming our 2023 Cohort for the “Neurobiology of Coaching”! 👏


Originally posted on: 10 August 2023
Last updated on: 12 April 2024
Kimberly Allain

Kimberly Allain

Kimberly is passionate about living purposefully and applies this credo in all areas of her life. For over 20 years she has been helping individuals and organizations uncover and embrace their potential, craft their vision clearly, strategize and identify effective life-giving ways to materialize those dreams. She created Allain Solutions to provide coaching, consulting, and training services that support clients to grow and become their best. Her heart-centered leadership approach and lasting success co-creation methods are built on the belief that each of us can lead a successful integrated life, when operating as our best self, thus finding a greater sense of purpose, along with greater levels of energy, confidence, joy, and fulfillment. Happiness, success, and profitability are directly connected to our ability to draw forth the best from, with, and for each other. Through masterfully crafted questions and powerful tools, she engages her clients to be curious, courageous, and make intention-driven decisions, anchored in the essence of what matters most.

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