Jessica Stratford

Jessica Stratford

An ex-corporate executive who realised the negative impacts that of a lack of wellbeing can have on leaders and organisations. She now devotes her time to assisting clients to understand the state of the wellbeing in their organisation and make positive changes. Her work with business clients uses evidenced-based assessments and interventions to help your organisation manage change and deliver outcomes. In private practices, she supports clients to make deeper health and life changes, combing complementary medicine and coaching.

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Balancing Wellbeing and Leadership Using The i4 Neuroleader Model

by Jessica Stratford on 8 October 2019

Balancing Wellbeing And Leadership Using The i4 Neuroleader Model - About my Brain Institute

As a leadership coach and a health and wellbeing kinesiologist, I’ve found these roles haven’t been integrated into mainstream leadership circles yet. With the rise of wellbeing-related issues in the general community, this integration is where my interest lies in supporting organisat …

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