Mauricio Rosales Romero

Mauricio Rosales Romero

Actuary and independent consultant. I love learning new things, from art history to derivatives markets, to reading, running and listening to music. As an actuary, I have worked in the technical division and I have been a “translator" between the risk management and underwriting departments, giving me a unique vision of the business. My team and I calculate the estimated losses for earthquakes and hurricanes in Mexico, and we give the second opinion on reinsurance contracts during the renewal process.

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Discovering A Leadership Method That Changes Lives

by Mauricio Rosales Romero on 1 December 2020

Discovering A Leadership Method That Changes Lives - About my Brain Institute

My first approach to the i4 Neuroleader Model was in January of 2019. I thought this program would give me some tools I could not only use at work but also in my personal life, so I decided to enrol. While engaged in the 3-day workshop, I realised there are many things I could learn a …

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