My first approach to the i4 Neuroleader Model was in January of 2019. I thought this program would give me some tools I could not only use at work but also in my personal life, so I decided to enrol. While engaged in the 3-day workshop, I realised there are many things I could learn and use for personal growth, which gave unexpected benefits for my work.

The i4 Neuroleader Certification was an incredible trip which I could never have imagined. As a professional I studied actuary, so most of the material related to personal relationships and personal growth was saved for the last part of my training. 

The courses I took during my training were related to technical themes, and the more technical they were the better. However, I was aware of my personal relationships and soft skills because I wanted to grow professionally.

A Different Kind Of 360 Assessment

The first and most exciting approach to the i4 Neuroleader Model is the 360 Assessment. This assessment gives you a total view of your performance, from work to family members to friends. I had taken a more typical 360 before, and I found the idea of including friends and family to be interesting, but challenging. Sometimes it is very difficult to receive sincere feedback from others, but this approach seeks information from a wide range of people we interact with. 

The first part of the internet training gives you the principles that the i4 Neuroleader Model is based on. It is so much information, and it does take some time to get used to all the concepts. But, you get an overview at the end to sum up and solidify what you’ve learned. 

The 3-day training helped me to understand many of the items that support the online part of the i4 Model. Interactions with other people who were more involved in themes of human resources and personal growth gave an unforgettable experience that complimented my journey. 

As it is explained through the course, the environment helped the acquisition of knowledge and the comments of every single person enriched the sessions. We laughed, we got surprised, and sometimes we cried. And I think it all helped to open our minds to an unbelievable world within us. 

Neuroplasticity Means We Can Change!

Our prejudices and old fashioned myths and beliefs about leadership may lead us to believe we are simply born with specific skills, and that we cannot change this. However, neuroscience has helped us understand the brain’s plasticity and how we can use this ability to change to become the best version of ourselves. Perhaps you will never be the very best in the world in a certain field, but you can be proud of your performance because you did it without forgetting the other parts of your life. 

The internet lessons teach you so much about neuroscience, and there are many additional resources provided to continue your exploration. These materials give you the opportunity to indulge your curiosity and learn more about how the brain and body impact how we lead. I know it will take some time to fully absorb this additional information, but what a journey!

Living What You Learn

One last aspect of the certification I would like to highlight includes the debrief after the 360 assessment. I wondered how I could use the results from my assessment to improve myself in the four competencies of the i4 Model. After my debrief, I realised that I needed to make some changes, including sleeping the proper amount, playing sports or exercising regularly, meditating and eating healthier foods. Basically, I starting living what I had learned.

The i4 Neuroleader Debriefing process is the first step towards a great adventure, not only in someone’s professional life but also in their personal life. 

Mauricio Rosales Romero

I think debriefing provides an extraordinary opportunity to help people understand where they are and how their perception of themselves compares to the views of the raters. By showing that some behaviours could be misunderstood by others, they have an opportunity to think about these behaviours and if they agree on what they see through the report. Then, we can offer positive ways to approach these areas of opportunity. 

I am very happy to have taken the i4 Neuroleader Certification. I think it has given me a new tool I can use to modify and boost my own life. I am not a salesperson, but I think I can give it a chance and try, perhaps not as my primary activity but as a way to improve skills, open my horizons and share a great vision about leadership and the impacts good leadership can have on others. I am looking forward to using the i4 Model as a positive impact to improve lives.

Originally posted on: 1 December 2020
Last updated on: 25 May 2024
Mauricio Rosales Romero

Mauricio Rosales Romero

Actuary and independent consultant. I love learning new things, from art history to derivatives markets, to reading, running and listening to music. As an actuary, I have worked in the technical division and I have been a “translator" between the risk management and underwriting departments, giving me a unique vision of the business. My team and I calculate the estimated losses for earthquakes and hurricanes in Mexico, and we give the second opinion on reinsurance contracts during the renewal process.

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