Are you always busy and never take the time to relax? Do you take care of your body and physical condition even when you are feeling overworked? Are you lacking energy and vitality? Can you eliminate distractions and focus?

These are just some of the questions I ask my clients when taking them through a coaching journey. The reality is that more than 60% of people I speak to are not consistently making the time for basic wellness routines such as sleeping 7 - 9 hours, exercising, eating properly or simply doing nothing (an activity that the brain actually needs to reset).

Having our brain in optimal condition is of paramount importance to navigate the ever increasing and changing demands of our lives today. Unfortunately, the increase of brain and mental health problems is on the rise. As a society we must do everything we can to educate and train ourselves in how we can combat this epidemic.

I am honoured to be interviewing
Head of the Neurosurgery Service of the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara, Santiago Núñez Velasco

In this Brain-Friendly Channel Session (conducted in Spanish) we will be discussing practical strategies that we can all incorporate into our daily routine to maintain a healthier brain.


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Spanish Translation:

¿Estás siempre ocupado y nunca tomas un tiempo para relajarte? ¿Cuidas tu cuerpo y tu condición física incluso cuando te sientes con exceso de trabajo? ¿Te falta energía y vitalidad? ¿Puedes eliminar las distracciones y concentrarte?

Estas son solo algunas de las preguntas que les hago a mis clientes cuando los llevo a través de un viaje de coaching. La realidad es que más del 60% de las personas con las que hablo no se dedican constantemente a las rutinas básicas de bienestar, como dormir de 7 a 9 horas, hacer ejercicio, comer adecuadamente o simplemente no hacer nada (una actividad que el cerebro necesita para restablecer su equilibrio). 

Tener nuestro cerebro en óptimas condiciones es de suma importancia para afrontar las crecientes y cambiantes demandas de nuestras vidas en la actualidad.

Desafortunadamente los casos que tienen un origen de problemas de salud mental van en aumento. Como sociedad, debemos hacer todo lo posible para educarnos y capacitarnos sobre cómo podemos combatir esta epidemia.

Me honra estar entrevistando al Jefe del Servicio de Neurocirugía del Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, Santiago Núñez Velasco. 

En esta sesión de nuestro canal Cerebro-Amigable (transmitida en español) discutiremos estrategias prácticas que todos podemos incorporar a nuestra rutina diaria para mantener un cerebro más saludable.

Originally posted on: 1 November 2021
Last updated on: 18 February 2024
Ricardo González Escobar

Ricardo González Escobar

President LATAM
About my Brain Institute

As About my Brain Institute's President for LATAM, Ricardo's passion is to educate present and future leaders to create a more humane and joyful world.

Ricardo’s professional career started 33 years ago, and each of the companies he has been a part of and the positions he has held are unshakeable links to his current expertise. His first project as an entrepreneur was in 1995 as the founder of a company dedicated to body language consulting. His career of almost 20 years in one of the most prestigious Mexican schools of its kind, Escuela Bancaria y Comercial (Banking and Commerce School), is particularly noteworthy, as he eventually became the Dean of the elite Reforma Campus.

In addition to his professional development, Ricardo has always maintained a genuine effort in his academic development. He has obtained several post-graduate degrees, and he firmly believes in the value of being a lifelong learner.

Ricardo's social and strategic profile is the keystone that allows him to transform each of his positions and projects into his life's passion and far exceed the corresponding goals. Additionally, his pleasure in sharing knowledge has become a series of conferences held in world-class companies and institutions such as The Walt Disney Company, IUSACEL, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Group (Nice, France), Tecnológico de Monterrey and many more.

Always the humanist, the friend, the innovator and someone who has the ability to see a company as a living being, Ricardo González is prepared to face the constantly changing and often volatile conditions in the world today. The need for determined and proactive individuals who are self-led is on the rise, and this partnership promises to help others rediscover their inner core abilities, allowing them to become more effective leaders.

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