The Sky's The Limit When You Have Courage

by Silvia Damiano on 13 June 2017


Courage can mean so many different things. It can mean asking a date out to a movie, or speaking up at a staff meeting, or boarding a rocket for the moon. Courage is essential in our personal and professional lives to ensure that we continue to grow, develop and reach our true potenti …

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Courage – A Business Essential In Our Brave New World

by Mark Hodgson on 7 November 2016


Generally when we think about courage, we tend to picture heroic gestures, like a lifeguard running into crashing waves to save someone who is drowning. However, courage is not just about excelling at physical challenges or putting your life at risk. It can also mean having the fortit …

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Communication: My Life Story

by Brooke Schiller on 4 July 2016


My life’s work is centered around communication. Doing more of it, more effectively and illustrating how communication is more than a “soft skill”, but one that leads to real, meaningful business results. But at no other time in my life have I learned more about the practical applicat …

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The Age Of Affect: Learning To Speak The Language Of Our Human Essence

by Silvia Damiano on 31 March 2016


When Matt Jackson joined me in co-authoring “The Poetry of Leadership” book last year, my ‘scientific mind’ questioned itself very rapidly. Why would a well-articulated and experienced poet such as Matt, want to be involved with someone who has never written any poetry? Would I be abl …

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The Four Pillars You Need To Build A Collaborative Enterprise

by Silvia Damiano on 8 December 2015


Collaboration is something we all strive for because it is essential to better business outcomes. An aligned team that is working in harmony is always going to produce better work than what one person can achieve alone. So if we know collaboration works, surely it should be intrinsic …

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The i4 Neuroleader - Effective Leadership For The Demands Of A 21st Century Workplace

by Matthew Galik on 3 August 2014


Last week, About my Brain's i4 Neuroleader Model was the featured topic of Juan Carlos Cubeiro's leadership blog (Talking about Talent) in a story entitled 'Five Hours on Neuroleadership.' Below I have provided a summary of his post, as it contains some very important and clarifying d …

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Respect Gender Differences As You Would Cultural Differences

by The About my Brain Institute on 12 May 2013

Our Founder Silvia Damiano is interviewed by HR Daily and says "Most employers recognise the need to be aware of cultural idiosyncrasies when doing business in other countries; but when it comes to doing business with men and women, important differences are all too often overlooked."

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Propensity Prevails

by Gail Eaton-Briggs on 13 December 2010

How does a most self conscious girl in Grade 6 manoeuvre through the ups and downs of life to arrive at a place where her leadership skills are noticed? How does the 22 year old with a new born baby and a critically ill husband with an acquired brain injury work through the turmoil of …

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